Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Premier Exhibit

It's finished!!!

I finally finished Tuscany Town mandala on Friday, I had to finish it by then so I could enter it in the Oxford A&P show.

And I won! 1st prize, premier exhibit and most outstanding cross stitch! I can't believe I have actually finished it! It has taken about 2 years, which is quite a while but I don't really spend huge amounts of time stitching every week.

I also started the Multiplication Sampler by the Historical Sampler Company, this chart was very kindly lent to me by Nicola. This chart is now out of print so I was very lucky that Nicola could lend me hers!

I also got some more stash! 

I'm really looking forward to doing one of the Scarlet Letter samplers, as they have lots of specialty stitches which I love to do!

I hope everyone had a happy Easter, I know I have enjoyed some lovely autumn weather here, unfortunately daylight savings finishes next weekend which is always a bit sad because winter is coming. An update on my shoulder, which is now healing very nicely and I should be back at work in the next couple of weeks ( I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to that or not, because I have got lots of stitching and maths study done while I have been off work!)

 Happy stitching everyone!


Friday, March 15, 2013

The Finish is Near!

I am about half way through beading Tuscany Town, so no much to go! Though I have hardly been doing any for the last 2 weeks as I have had my shoulder operation and I can't stitch more than 10 minutes at a time, which I guess is better than not stitching at all!
My shoulder surgery went really well, I had an AC reconstruction done and down have 6 weeks of work with my arm in a sling and no driving, still I am getting a lot of maths study done (lucky I am left  handed, but only in writing so it doesn't help my stitching much!) Anyway here is an xray of the finished product, you can see the little metal bits top and bottom which have pulled the collarbone and shoulder blade together
So hopefully in a couple of weeks I can start running again, though I'm not sure when I will get back on my bike.

I got some stash in the mail the other day, this cheered me up!

Here is the Tuscany Town progress-

I am aiming to have this finished for the Oxford A & P show on the 30th March, so I will see how I go:)

Happy stitching!