Sunday, December 16, 2012

Deck the Halls....

Hello everyone!

That for the kind wishes when I was sick, I am much better now, actually it only lasted 12 hours, so I was lucky.

This weekend I am at my Mum and Dads to put up the Christmas tree which I do every year. Lots of fun!
This is the stocking I made a few years ago for myself, so I am making another one (which probably won't be finished until next Christmas!) for my SIL.

On to some sad news, I recently broke up with my BF which was very sad, so I feeling a bit depressed and sad which is always worse leading up to Christmas, but I'm trying to be Christmas happy! I am also looking at a change of career, from dental assistant to quantity surveying or engineering technology. It's a bit scary changing careers but I really have had enough of dental after 13 years! So I guess I have lots to think about over the summer/Christmas holidays.

Anyways here is my happy pictures!-
The Ginga's favourite chair! He's just so cute

happy stitching!