Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cookies, Cookies and More Cookies...

All I have worked on this week has been Holiday Cookies, I'm quite enjoying it at the moment so I shall keep going with it until I get bored



I have even done some backstitching on the house on the right, I thought I may as well get some done because there is quite a lot!

I have also got another WIP I have dragged out to show you...

This is a Mirabilia Design called Angel Proclamation, not sure when I started this - probably about 6 years ago at least, so who knows when I will finish it!

I am going to Lucy's 40th birthday party this Friday night and I have made her a half apron for her

Lucy loves leopard print and shoes, so I decided that I would combine both in this little creation, I'm sure she will love it as her style is very "out there"

The weather is beautiful here at the moment, autumn is quite often really nice and warm, actually it's 21 degrees here which is warmer than it was in March, no doubt it won't last but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

Happy stitching!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Better Later Than Never!!

Just a little late posting this, I have had problems with our Internet because they are replacing the cable down our street and I think one of the morons workers did something to it! and then I left my camera USB cable at my parents house so I couldn't download any photos!

Anyway I have had some big progress on Tuscany Town...



Not too far to go now, I will also do the bead work when I have finished all the cross stitch.

I have also nearly finished Nora Corbetts letter "M" I just need the beads to finish it, and it will be my first finish for this year...and the year get the picture....

Holiday Cookies is also going well-

Maybe I will have two finishes this year! Now that would be a miracle!

It's autumn here now and the leaves are starting to change into the beautiful golden yellow and amber colours, so I took a few photos of my parents garden

And of course here some photos of my Ginga Ninja, who was being cute and furry as

This weekend I am going kittysitting the Ginge while my parents go away for a week, which is great because I love going and staying out in the country! Unfortunately I still have to go to weekend I am going to my best friends 40th birthday party, it was meant to be a day in the city shopping, movies and cupcakes but it seems to have turned into a party at her place (in the country) I think she has renamed it the cupcakes and booze party - very classy! LOL! Love it and I can't wait! No doubt there will be photos to follow, of course carefully edited to protect my demure reputation... *snigger snigger* Yeah right!

Until next week