Saturday, May 21, 2016


I am rather remiss in my postings but anyway here I am again.

I actually have finished 2 cross stitches!!!

The first is Afternoon in Provence

The second finish is the Eiffel Tower bookmark which I still have to make up

Lake Como mandala is coming along nicely, I am on the second villa and hopefully I can finish that soon. I usually only work on this at weekends hence it takes me a while to do.



Unfortunately you can't see the sparklies in the fabric which makes it look really nice.

I am trying really really hard to finish some WIP and we all know sometime you just lose the mojo to finish a particular WIP that you have been doing for years, I know I have quite a few of those! I don't really have a rotation, I just stitch what I feel like doing but sometime I have an urge to dig out some old ones and put a few more stitches in.

It is coming into winter here so that usually means more stitching time!

happy stitching