Sunday, March 25, 2012

Look What I've Been Doing!

Proof that I do occasionally stitch...



Not bad for a weekends work...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Giddy Mate

Hello everybody - yes this is a late blog, I got back from Australia late, very late on Saturday night and then I had to get up at 7am the next morning for the 16km time trial, though I didn't actually do it (I knew I would be too tired) I was the timing official, so I had to be there. Needless to say I have had some very early nights this week and work has been soooo busy!

I have got an update on the letter "M"

I haven't done much but I enjoy doing this piece, its simple and very pretty.

Other than this piece I haven't done any other stitching - and you know by now that's not unusual for me!! This is why I can't do and RR or IHSW because I would never actually do any! I do have some finished pieces just in case you were wondering...

Anyway my trip to Sydney was great, I had an awesome time but I was so tired when I got home from all the workouts and training we had been doing. My days consisted of morning yoga or weights class and afternoon was the same. I had never done yoga before so I was quite an experience! The class we did was called Power Vinyasa, which is done in a heated room - about 30C degrees (86 F) so did I sweat buckets! I didn't find it to hard to follow as its very much like the stretching I do anyway, but they do get into some very uncomfortable poses!
We did the Loop the Lake bike race at Lake MacQuarie on Sunday 11th, which was a really nice ride, we started at 6.30am to avoid the heat, so I was all finished by 9.30am. Erika and John (the friends I was staying with) are already planning my next bike adventure in Australia - the Sydney to Wollongong 95km race in November. I may just do this as its quite cheap to fly to Australia from NZ and only takes 3 hours.

This is the view from the cute little B & B were we staying at Lake Macquarie
Our bikes...

After the race, a bit hot and bothered... lol

My friends lived in a really nice suburb, and if I walked 100 metres up the road I can see the Sydney harbour bridge!
I also brought a new little present for myself while I was's my new baby

I have finally got a digital SLR, I still have my film SLR, but its quite hard to get film developed these days, so I splashed out on a new SLR (which I think you need a PhD to figure out how to work it)

Ohh and my new boots!!!
Just need a cowboy to go with them...hehe

and lastly, look where I found the Ginga Ninja-

amongst Mum's fabric, bad kitty! lol

Til next week!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stash, Stash and More Stash!

I was very very excited to receive 3 parcels of stash from ABC Stitch in the mail this week!

In the first parcel was 6 charts I had ordered

They were: Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplers, Countdown to Christmas by Blue Ribbon Designs, The Flood and Fruit of the Spirit by Plum Street Samplers, Kringle's Christmas Tree Farm and Contentment by Praiseworthy Stitches.

In the second parcel was The Library by Little House Needleworks

The third parcel was 32 count linen - Waterlily and all the beautiful crescent colour threads for the Nora Corbett letter M.

So as you can imagine, what do I start first? Well I decided to go with the letter M as I have the linen and threads to start.

Also and update on Holiday Cookies, which is going well mostly because it's really easy to stitch, and also quite exciting because I don't have any idea what it's really going to look like when finished.
Before -

After -

I also brought a couple of knitting books for soft toys. They have some really cute little toys to knit, and because I have have a short attention span (just look at my WIPs) I think I might be able to even finish one!

Here is some horse pictures especially for Kate!(

This is me on my horse Gen (or Humphrey as my Dad called him) about 2001, I used to show him a bit but mostly just cruised around the roads on him (like a boy racer...LOL!)
I also used to work on a horse stud in Tamworth in Australia and the lady I worked for also competed in top level dressage

This is me showing one of the thoroughbred mares and winning reserve champion!

Anyway I am off the Australia on Tuesday for 10 days so I'm not sure if I will get a post done next weekend because Erika who is a personal trainer, has my holiday organised into a bootcamp/biggest loser type 10 basically is 2 workouts per day and healthy eating...I think I will survive but if I post no more you will know that I didn't survive, though her husband John assures me that we can have one day where we will sit around drinking and listening to Guns N' Roses - YAY!!!

By the way, for everyone who thinks that rugby players are better than rock stars? well lets compare All Blacks player Sonny Bill Williams...

To DJ Ashba of Guns n' Roses
One of them is very talented and intelligent, the other, well at least he looks good with his shirt off...I prefer brains :)

Happy stitching!