Friday, March 23, 2012

Giddy Mate

Hello everybody - yes this is a late blog, I got back from Australia late, very late on Saturday night and then I had to get up at 7am the next morning for the 16km time trial, though I didn't actually do it (I knew I would be too tired) I was the timing official, so I had to be there. Needless to say I have had some very early nights this week and work has been soooo busy!

I have got an update on the letter "M"

I haven't done much but I enjoy doing this piece, its simple and very pretty.

Other than this piece I haven't done any other stitching - and you know by now that's not unusual for me!! This is why I can't do and RR or IHSW because I would never actually do any! I do have some finished pieces just in case you were wondering...

Anyway my trip to Sydney was great, I had an awesome time but I was so tired when I got home from all the workouts and training we had been doing. My days consisted of morning yoga or weights class and afternoon was the same. I had never done yoga before so I was quite an experience! The class we did was called Power Vinyasa, which is done in a heated room - about 30C degrees (86 F) so did I sweat buckets! I didn't find it to hard to follow as its very much like the stretching I do anyway, but they do get into some very uncomfortable poses!
We did the Loop the Lake bike race at Lake MacQuarie on Sunday 11th, which was a really nice ride, we started at 6.30am to avoid the heat, so I was all finished by 9.30am. Erika and John (the friends I was staying with) are already planning my next bike adventure in Australia - the Sydney to Wollongong 95km race in November. I may just do this as its quite cheap to fly to Australia from NZ and only takes 3 hours.

This is the view from the cute little B & B were we staying at Lake Macquarie
Our bikes...

After the race, a bit hot and bothered... lol

My friends lived in a really nice suburb, and if I walked 100 metres up the road I can see the Sydney harbour bridge!
I also brought a new little present for myself while I was's my new baby

I have finally got a digital SLR, I still have my film SLR, but its quite hard to get film developed these days, so I splashed out on a new SLR (which I think you need a PhD to figure out how to work it)

Ohh and my new boots!!!
Just need a cowboy to go with them...hehe

and lastly, look where I found the Ginga Ninja-

amongst Mum's fabric, bad kitty! lol

Til next week!



  1. What an adventure!! Its great to have you back again, cant wait to see new pics and I LOVE your new boots!!!! Awesome!

  2. Hello

    Sounds like you had a good time!

    Great photos and I love your ginger cat!