Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Little French Obssesion

There hasn't been a whole lot of stitching going on since I finished Tuscany Town, I am now back at work so   even though that's good because I get a decent pay packet now, I don't have the time I use to for stitching!

I have how ever been working on the Multiplication Sampler, and this actually stitches up quite fast because you only use one colour.



I have also brought another Chatelaine! The new addition is Lake Como

I already have some fabric - 32-count white sparkles from Country Stitch, so all I need now is some threads...

I have started a new project, it's called Je T'aime by Anette Eriksson, out of the February issue of the Cross Stitcher magazine.

Fabric 28-count Linen
DMC thread

It uses 3 strands of thread so uses up a lot of thread rather quickly, but looks great! I will be making it into a cushion (one day...)

I was having a clean out of my cupboards the other day and found all sorts of treasures I haven't seen for ages, like this little Eiffel tower charm which I brought in France a couple of years ago. I attached it to my phone but I find it rather annoying and I'm scared I'm going to catch it on something and break it, so I might take it off and do something else with it.

Lastly a picture of my favourite kitty in the whole world!
The Ginga Ninja

Happy stitching!



  1. The multiplication table looks great. Love your new Chatelaine - this one is on my wish list...
    Lovely new start :). It will look gorgeous as a cushion.
    Ginga Ninja looks very relaxed and comfy :)

    1. Thank you! I am waiting with great expectation for my threads. Ginge always looks very comfy, he has such a smug look on his face! haha

  2. Great progress on the multiplication table, and your new Chatalaine looks like it's going to be gorgeous! Your new start is looking good too.

    1. Thanks Annie, using one colour does stitch up very fast indeed, this may be a record finish for me!

  3. Wonderful progress on the multiplication table and the Chatelaine will be lovley. I'd use the charm as a scissor fob or add it to the pillow, maybe? Your kitty is very pretty, even if he is upside down! LOL!