Monday, April 16, 2012

Better Later Than Never!!

Just a little late posting this, I have had problems with our Internet because they are replacing the cable down our street and I think one of the morons workers did something to it! and then I left my camera USB cable at my parents house so I couldn't download any photos!

Anyway I have had some big progress on Tuscany Town...



Not too far to go now, I will also do the bead work when I have finished all the cross stitch.

I have also nearly finished Nora Corbetts letter "M" I just need the beads to finish it, and it will be my first finish for this year...and the year get the picture....

Holiday Cookies is also going well-

Maybe I will have two finishes this year! Now that would be a miracle!

It's autumn here now and the leaves are starting to change into the beautiful golden yellow and amber colours, so I took a few photos of my parents garden

And of course here some photos of my Ginga Ninja, who was being cute and furry as

This weekend I am going kittysitting the Ginge while my parents go away for a week, which is great because I love going and staying out in the country! Unfortunately I still have to go to weekend I am going to my best friends 40th birthday party, it was meant to be a day in the city shopping, movies and cupcakes but it seems to have turned into a party at her place (in the country) I think she has renamed it the cupcakes and booze party - very classy! LOL! Love it and I can't wait! No doubt there will be photos to follow, of course carefully edited to protect my demure reputation... *snigger snigger* Yeah right!

Until next week



  1. Hello

    Tuscany Town is looking beautiful!

    I love the Nora Corbett Letters and yours looks lovely. Like Holiday Cookies too.

    I love the colours of Autumn, your photos are lovely. Here it's just turned Spring.

    Great photo of Ginga Ninja! We used to have a ginger tom just like him.

    Your friend's party sounds great.

    Happy cat sitting!

  2. Tuscany looks beautiful!! And Ginga Ninja adorable! Enjoy your stay in the Country!

  3. I love Tuscany. It is a beautiful design & your stitching is gorgeous. M is so pretty as are all of Nora Corbett's designs. Holiday Cookies is another lovely design & you have made a great start. We have "snow" in our backyard - one of the trees is dropping its small yellow leaves & it is like a layer of snow all over the lawn! ;0) Enjoy kitty sitting & have a great party!

  4. Tuscany Town is gorgeous! I really should stay away from it though, plenty of BAPs around here as it is:) Have a great time at your friend's party!

  5. Love, love, love Tuscany Town....evil temptress! :) Gorgeous work!