Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tuscany Town Progress & some eye candy...

I have made some progress on my Tuscany Town Mandala, I got stuck into it last weekend and got quite a bit done. I must say I don't like using the metallic threads much but they do look fantastic and it is worth the effort in the end.

This before:

And after:

This is quite a lot of progress for me! I usually don't get much done at a time, usually about 1 hour at night during the week if at all, the weekends I can usually spend a few hours stitching, depends how the weather is - if it's nice weather I'm usually out biking.

My next WIP/UFO is The Enchantment of Winter By Terry Nolan. This is a difficult chart to get now as it is discontinued I believe. It is a stunning design with the centre part of the design done as one over.

Fabric: White 32-count linen

I have just noticed that I have taken the picture with the fabric upside down! Oh well, as long as I can stitch it up the right way. :)
As I read other stitchers blogs, I realise how little stitching I get done, some people seem to stitch all day! If only I could...this is the main reason I don't get a lot done -

I mostly do time trials now rather than road races, time trails are harder than road racing as it's just you against the clock and you just go as hard as you can for, in this case 16km. I love doing it and cycling would be very boring if it wasn't for hotties like this:

It's not the only reason I watch cycling but eye candy is important...hahaha
In March I am going to visit some very good friends in Sydney, and while I'm there I will be doing a road race, which will be quite fun as it's more of a fundraiser ride rather than a race. I'm looking forward to it as I haven't raced in Australia before, so it will be another country I have ridden in to cross off my list. Next year I plan to do a race in Belgium. Anyway enough bike talk, especially since this is a cross stitch blog...


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  1. Hi, returning the following.
    Love your Enchantment of Winter. You need to check out Dani's blog for her progress:
    The best way to get followers and comments is to comment on other blogs! Join in with the activities too. I'm having a Valentine's one soon so watch out for that.
    Happy Stitching
    Jo x