Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday!! and not a lot of stitching...

Well that's not entirely true, I have done a bit more on Tuscany Town...but it was my birthday last Friday and I don't really like the idea of getting older so I just tend forget how old I am, but BF kindly put in my birthday card "happy 37th birthday" thank you very much!!! I told him it was a typo and he should fix it...he just laughed at me...LOL! Anyway I had a lovely weekend with lots of dinners and lunches out with family and friends.

So here is my progress on Tuscany Town:



So I have finished all the little Italian trees and I have started on the squares in the corners, I am slowly getting there and I hope to finish it by March 2013 so I can enter it in the Oxford A & P show, which is the local agricultural show but also has a handcraft and cooking sections, so fingers crossed I will have it done by then.

I also got myself a little birthday present-

Are they not the prettiest shoes you have ever seen!!! they are very high and I am taller than BF when I wear them...hehe
Also got this handbag-

it's fabulous!!
I got them from fantastic shoes and clothes at discounted prices! I spend way to much time on there...

Happy stitching everyone!



  1. Happy birthday!! Great pressie's :). Tuscany looks fab - well done. Hope you get it done in time for the show & win top prize :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I love those shoes. I need new everyday boots but hubby keeps saying "what about all those boots in the cupboard?" They're for looking nice not for wearing on the school run LOL.