Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Not Much Stitching, but Earthquake Photos

Well I have been such a bad blogger! over one month since my last confession blog!

Anyway here is an update on the Christmas stocking, which I don't think will be finished before Christmas :( well it's my own fault for procrastinating and not actually doing any stitching. I was having far too much fun looking at everybody else's stitching blogs!



It doesn't really look like I have done much more, but I have! I promise!

At the weekend we went for a walk around the Christchurch central city. We try and do this every few months as it is always changing with buildings being demolished and even new ones just started being built. It has been nearly 2 years since the devastating earthquake and the central city is still a demolition zone and it's really amazing how nature takes over again, with some buildings being overgrown.

The sad sight of the Christ Church Cathedral, due to be demolished (what is left of it) but we really want it to be fixed, unfortunately it would cost millions of dollars to rebuild and we have so many more just as important buildings to repair and rebuild.

A lot of the city blocks look like this, and I can't even remember what was here in the first place!

Which building is on the lean? Is the glass building leaning back or is the one beside it leaning forward? Nobody is really sure...

Anyway I will go around the CBD in a few months again to see what has changed.

Happy stitching!


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  1. The stocking is looking lovely! I can't imagine being in the earthquake devastation. I was once in a hurricane and it was like being in a war zone afterwards.