Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and "Oh! Sparkly Bits!"

As the title suggests I have good and bad news..

Firstly though, thank you for the kind thoughts and comments on Tuscany town and my accident, it's really nice to have such lovely readers of my blog out there!

I will start with the bad news because it leads to good news...kind of...

In my last post I reported my wee bike accident, well 4 weeks on it was worse than the orthopaedic surgeon thought, it's now classified as a type 5 injury rather than a type 3 dislocation of the AC joint. Considering it's quite a severe injury, it hasn't been that painful, and I have quite good range of motion in that shoulder (I put it down to good fitness and I regularly stretch anyway)

 So (deep breath...) I now need surgery to relocate the collarbone down to where it should be, which involves keyhole surgery and a rubber band, so to speak...well not quite a rubber band, but they attach a band or loop to my collarbone and hook it around the corocoid process (which is a sticky out bit on my scapula) and pull it together, and ta-da I'm fixed! lol

I go into hospital on Tuesday and they do it that night and I can go home the next day, to which I have 6 weeks off work and have to wear a very restrictive sling for 8-12 weeks. Now I have never been in hospital, let alone have a general anesthetic, so I'm a bit nervous about that!

On to the good news...

Does that mean I can have 6 weeks of stitching? Well probably not because I'm right handed! Luckily I'm left handed at writing, but that doesn't help with my stitching, but knowing me I will find a way!

On to the Sparkly Bits!

I have been doing lots of stitching on Tuscany Town and I am now doing the beading! Yes, that means I have completed ALL the cross stitch!! YAY!


And some new stash which I got from my LNS

Beads, Buttons and Bows by Indigo Rose
Pears Two by Historic Needlework Guild
Noel 2009 by Dessin

Two of the charts were half price, I love a bargin!

Anyway off to pack my bag for the hospital tomorrow.

Happy stitching!



  1. Hope it all goes well at the hospital and you find a way to stitch.x

  2. Hope the surgery went well. Tuscany looks amazing! Martina does know how to add the bling doesn't she?