Saturday, September 21, 2013

Too Much Time Watching the America's Cup...Not enough Stitching

Gosh has it been over a month since my last post! I have been so busy lately with work and study, I just have no time to do anything much.

I do have a small update on Lake Como...

Other than Lake Como I haven't done any stitching much apart from a new start - The View

It came with Aida but I really don't like using aida so I swapped it out for lugana which is much nice to stitch with.

My Mum however has been busy making me some WIP bags. She used my stash of french inspired fabric I have and made up these wallet type bags for me, fully lined and finished with some vintage buttons my Nana gave to me. I love them! and they fit my projects perfectly.

and some new stash! (like I need more..)

I have also been going to adult ballet classes, I have always wanted to do ballet and finally they have adult class here in Christchurch. it is so much fun! I have never danced at all in any form so it is very new to me, but our teacher makes to easy to follow and I have picked it up quite easily. So if you have ever wanted to do ballet, even if you have never danced before (like me) go to a adult class! its fun and really good for core fitness and flexibility.

I have been watching the America's Cup with excitement as Team New Zealand a just one win away from bringing the cup home again, even though it seems to be thwarting them and of course Oracle putting up a fantastic fight and winning some races too! The racing is made more interesting as Oracle have the delectable Sir Ben Ainslie on board now... makes my day watching him haha! Go Team New Zealand!!!!

Finally some pictures of the Ginga, I brought myself a new camera for my birthday and decided Ginge was going to be my first photo shoot (even if he wasn't very compliant)

The usual pose...

Happy Stitching!



  1. Lovely stitching and your project bags are great!
    Your kitty is very handsome (:
    Have a good weekend!

  2. I also think Sir Ben is just as handsome as the Ginge! hehe

  3. Ginge is a delight :)
    Lake Como looks great - well done on your progress
    Love the bags your Mum has done. Lovely new designs to add to your stash :)