Saturday, March 18, 2017

Loire Castle - Chenonceau Update

I haven't posted about Chenonceau (Chatelaine Design)for a while and since I have done quite a bit since the last photos of this I decided it needed it's own post!

Before -

 After -

I have started doing some back stitching on the windows, mostly because there is heaps of it and I would rather do a bit now instead of having all of it to do at the end.

I will endeavour to blog more often but I just get so busy with work and stuff! 

happy stitching



  1. Wow, you have stitched a lot on this beautiful design since last time.

  2. What a gorgeous building. I have started Gardens of London but it will be a while until I reach the buildings!

  3. I have Gardens of London in my rather large stash as well, Roses of Paris which I did a while ago has amazing buildings too.