Friday, December 9, 2011

The 16 Year Old Cross Stitch

Firstly an update on the Handmade, with Love cross stitch. As you can see I haven't done much stitching since the last post, but at least I have done some! I really love stitching with 3 threads, it makes it much easier!

This is a picture of the finished cushion, which I will get some nice spotty or retro fabric to back the cushion with.

I will also endeavour to post some pictures of my WIPS - now there is quite a few of them so I will feature one WIP each post. The first WIP is my oldest cross stitch, and I think I have been doing it for about 16 years...Why haven't I finished it? Well because its a very difficult pattern (as most Teresa Wentzler patterns are) and I picked it up after about 10 years of not doing anything on it, and found that some of the grey DMC cottons have changed slightly in those years - serves me right for not finishing it in a respectable time frame!

Anyway after putting out a SOS for some old DMC cottons that someone has from years ago - A big thank you to the ladies (and gents) of the message board! I now have 2 of the old DMC cottons so I can carry on stitching.

As you can see the grey on the horses head is slightly lighter than the legs, hence the need for the older DMC cottons, and a bit of unpicking! Though the alternative was to replace the legs with the newer DMC, but that involved A LOT of unpicking.

Since the Christmas holidays are fast approaching I have started to make a list of craft related things I will do with my few days I have off from work. Since its is summer over Christmas, I'm usually out on my bike enjoying the summer days, so my list will be short but hopefully productive!

A few cute pictures to finish - This is my cat - the Ginga Ninja - he is a rescue cat from the SPCA

His favourite pose in front the fire, its a hard life being a cat...

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  1. I just was in the blogs thread at the Chatelaine Yuku board and wanted to pop by. I'm new to the board over there (but not to blogging). I've added your blog to my reader - looking forward to your future entries!

    Happy stitching!